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We build software to meet your business objectives. As a strategic Swiss partner based in Geneva, we help you transition to the next iteration of your business.


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Productivity | Web | Mobile | Saas

Time tracking startup
  • Extensive data visualization of recorded time through filterable charts
  • Real time updating of logged in user's timers across different devices
  • Categorization / tagging of projects and tasks
  • Infinite nesting of tasks and subtasks with workspace custom user structuring
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Server Status Check

Server Monitoring | Realtime | Web + SMS | Saas

Can you get a good night sleep if you do not know whether your servers are up or down ?
  • Test suite running every second, 24/7
  • When server appears down, the user gets an instant SMS / Email notification
  • Replication of bots on different Paas providers for increased reliability
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BBR Player ™

W3C Standards | Mobile | iOS / Android | Accessibility

Audiobooks application enhanced with Voice Over / Talk Back
  • Tailored for visually impaired customers
  • W3C Accessibility standards implemented through the native mobile API's
  • Audiobooks player for the "Daisy" audio format (book playback structure)
  • Backend implementation of a book search engine
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A wide range of platforms


    We engineer both native and hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. The more exotic "hybrid" applications (based on Capacitor) offer the advantage of requiring a single code base. Native allows for faster interactions needed in video games, or host features unavailable otherwise. Depending on the use case, the end user will not be able to tell the difference between native and hybrid.

Back end

    Web / mobile apps usually interact with some back end server (where the user data is hosted). Your existing technology stack may influence the decisions made for the backend (i.e. due to some legacy software constraints). We will develop the server side using anything from: NodeJS, GraphQL, Apollo Federation, PHP, Java, Postgres, MySQL/Maria DB, Microsoft SQL Server, Redis, MongoDB etc.

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