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Cronide App  Hybrid Mobile

As a startup application, we had to focus mainly on the fast delivery of a usable and fast-changing product. Developing two code bases (one for iOS and another for Android) was out of reach. Web based mobile applications have the advantage of "code once, use anywhere". There were several stacks, each with its advantages: Ionic / Capacitor, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter etc. We ended up using Ionic React because it had a decent set of components and was primarily based on web technologies, a skill set readily available.

Since the application was using Javascript (Typescript) on the client side, we decided to go fullstack Typescript with NodeJS. Using GraphQL / Apollo Federation™ and a MySQL database, we build an API that was very adaptive to development decision changes.

BBR Player™  iOS / Android

Audiobooks are a great help for visually impaired people, however, applications are seldom optimized for accessibility. The Bibliothèque Braille Romande of Geneva, decided it had to provide it's members an application usable by people with different types of visual impairments. Following the W3C standards and best practices, and through tight collaboration with BBR members, we found a solution maximizing the usability for most members. Starting from an open-source code base developed by the BSR in Lausanne we made it evolve to the specific requirements of the BBR in Geneva. The results were two native applications (iOS and Android) where the UI/UX was concieved / developped with accessibility-first in mind.

After the release, the Bibliothèque Braille Romande received the distinction from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture.

Server Status Check™  Web

Sometimes, the more prevalent tools cannot be used for monitoring the downtime of a legacy API. That's why we created Server Status Check™. A server side application running on NodeJS using TypeScript. The idea is to determine a set of states considered to be uptime. Anytime the monitored server / website deviates from that state, the watcher notifies our customers through different channels: SMS, Email, etc.

Micro Services  Scalable

Microservices should never be your first choice due to added complexity to the overall architecture. Nevertheless, for a large project, distributing functionalities across different services allowed affecting specific teams of engineers to separate parts. A resilient architecture not subject to the single point of failure.

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