Software engineering services in Geneva by IT consultants who care.

Make your business excel in its core activity by using the right mix of software tools and process optimization. Meow will engineer your business applications from conception & design to development & support.

How can you empower your business ?

Custom software development

    We build software tailored to your specific objectives. Give us a goal, some requirements, and we'll collaborate to create the software tools best adapted to your use cases. Adopting iterative processes, we put you in control in every step of the way.

IT and digital consulting

    Our experts always keep up with the latest technology trends by building great software products. This growing experience gives Meow a frontline position to help you make informed decisions and meet your business objectives.

Legacy software augmentation

    Old value-adding software should not always be discarded. The decision of augmenting or recreating existing legacy software is a trade-off analysis. We are used to take over old company software and enhance it with the new features it deserves.


We will accompany you throughout the whole process to make sure you have the sufficient information to let you lead our team towards your goals. Choosing the proper initial conditions for your venture is very important. An experienced team, used to overcome obstacles, will make your ride much more comfortable.

Our experts have been developing software products in a very diverse array of setups, nurturing their ability to quickly adapt and embrace your wildest challenges.

Methodology - DevOps

Using iterative methodologies, software engineers will provide you with a functioning product from the get-go. We adapt the software development methodology (Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, Rapid) to your project size and industry requirements.

Not sure what you need ?

You can give us a call and we'll make a careful assessment of the solutions that best fit your current situation and aspirations.

Tech stacks we love

  • Web

    • Frontend

      • JavaScript
      • TypeScript
      • React
      • HTML5
      • CSS3
    • Backend

      • NodeJS
      • GraphQL
      • PHP
      • Python
      • Rust
  • Mobile

    • iOS

      • Swift
      • Objective-C
      • Realm
      • OpenAI Client
    • Android

      • Java
      • Kotlin
    • Cross Platform

      • Ionic Framework
      • Capacitor
  • Cloud

    • OpenAI Api

      • Whisper
      • Transcriptions
      • Assistants (Beta)
    • AWS

      • Elastic Beanstalk
      • EC2
      • S3
      • CloudFront
      • Aurora
      • AWS RDS
    • Multi-Cloud

      • Jelastic
      • Ansible
  • General

    • DevOps

      • Docker
    • Database

      • MySQL / MariaDB
      • PostgreSQL
      • SQL Server / tSQL
      • MongoDB
    • Microservices

      • Apollo Federation
      • Kubernetes

Create custom software, enhance existing legacy technology, consult for digital advice